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How To Take Care Of Your Back

How To Take Care of Your Back
Lower back pain has become a phenomenon that is so commonplace now it fails to elicit a reaction from most people. Practically every second person now suffers from a condition of low back pain. While this may take away the ‘novelty’ from the illness or it’s ability to strike a chord, this is an increasingly worrisome development. More and more people are succumbing to the ailment and this is indicative of degenerative lifestyles and poor habits and health choices.
Low back pain exercises are recommended to all those who suffer from the condition. These exercises help people in two ways: they help to strengthen the lower back region and prevent further damage from occurring and they help to ease the pain in the region and provide comfort and relief. Since these low back pain exercises target the two most crucial angles of the condition, they are not just an option but also a necessity to all those who have the condition as a regular problem.
The good thing about low back pain exercises is that they are very easy, can be done at home without a professional instructor guiding you through them and the best part is that even 15 minutes in the day on a daily basis can help to make a world of difference. In fact, if you can spare half an hour a day and divide into three chunks of 10 minutes each, exercising in the morning, afternoon and evening will help you considerably lower the pain in just 10 days.
Prior to adopting an exercise program to beat the condition and its debilitating effects it is essential to seek the advice of a physician. A trained medical professional will be able to determine the cause of the lower back pain, identify whether it is a neural problem, a muscular issue or a lifestyle dilemma that you have to target. Further, the intensity and spread of the condition will be clearly assessed, which will make it possible to gauge just how many exercises one can perform within the line of medical safety.
One of the most popular low back pain exercises is that of the Ankle Pumps. To be able to carry out this exercise one has to lie on the ground, flat on the back. The exercise involves raising the ankles and lowering them back down. One set of this exercise involves raising and lowering the ankles a total of10 times. And for maximum benefit one should do 10 sets in a day. This helps to strength the lower back, the body core and the thigh muscles.
Abdominal contractions are also highly recommended as they help to build the abdominal core and give strength to the body. One should lie down on the back and keep the knees bent, feet on the floor. The hands should be placed below the ribs. The exercise begins by sucking in the abs and squeezing the navel in towards the direction of the spine. This helps in building the abdomen muscles, the rib cage and the spine. One should breathe easily through this exercise and hold every squeeze in place for 5 seconds before letting loose.
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