Friday, July 31, 2009

Make Long Term Money ?? How??

Subject: Making Long Term Money

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Hi Lee Martin here

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Monday, July 27, 2009

A Home Based Business


To all that are interested , on how to make real long term money on the internet,
please keep reading. I am going to show you how I have went from broke to making a living doing niche web sites. It does take work. I am not going to sugar coat this and say crap like , "you can be rich by next month" , because that crap is a lie on 99% of the web sites. You can build a good , ever-green business if you get the proper training and more importantly , the SUPPORT.
I have found such a company on the internet. The two gentlemen that started the company have carved out a very good living for them selves and many others. The part I liked was ,the have step by step videos on everything. I am very slow at doing things and I need to refer to something as I type or work on a project. These videos walk me thru it line by line. I now have my first niche web site up and running and I am getting good traffic.
I am not the hard sell, you have to get in today or you will miss it.!!!!!
There again people say that and it is usually a bunch of crap. Well here it is.
The web site is called Niche Profit Classroom. As it says it is truly a classroom where you learn a business. I know they have training , on all aspects of the internet. Last count they had more that 600 + videos on just training. You wont use them all but it is just good to know they have one on about anything you need to know.
Go to my web site to get some FREE information:
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I was a single parent with kids at home, injured and out of work. Now I am building a future for my family. So go to the main site to learn about Niche profit

Thank you Ricky

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If I can learn to do this , you can too. See Ya Soon I hope!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

E-Books- How to sell

E-books take the common connectivity of the Internet and fuse it with the on demand expectations of on line consumers. The end result is a product that has the potential to impact a greater number of individuals than most print publishing routes. Ebooks business is one of the most beneficial online money making ways in the internet marketing. Many internet marketers make their profits online by writing and selling Ebooks on the internet. When set up properly, it’s completely automated.

As you go along, you will need to present them the ideas about your company and products but recruiting becomes easier and more enjoyable when people from this list start calling you or asking about your business, for more detail visit As you build this list, you will build relationships by teaching your prospects what you learned. The reason why most people fail at network marketing recruiting is they do not know who to spend time with and how to get started correctly. Find great mentors who will be able to guide you and hold you responsible for your own success. Build great relationships with them because there is a possibility that you become a strong partner with your mentors.

Person’s observation e-books as earnings of publishing a employment in a up-to-the-minute display place and in a conduct that is supplementary asking price effective than the majority supplementary forms of media distribution. Businesses view e-books as a means of information development or on line marketing.

Selling Ebooks is just another outcome of affiliate marketing. All you need is to sign up with a number of affiliate plans and sell the Ebooks you want using your own website, email lists, or any other affiliate marketing techniques.

It is much easier and advantageous to sell eBooks than to become a publisher for physical books. Selling eBooks is a great way to make big money and is a brilliant business as your cost is zero, except the expense of writing the Ebook; there is no additional cost.

Individuals view e-books as a means of publishing a work in a new platform and in a manner that is more cost effective than most other forms of media distribution. Businesses view e-books as a means of information development or on line marketing.

Not all e-books require consumer payment. In many cases a simple, yet free, on line registration is all that’s required to gain access to the e-book. For more detail visit E-books take the common connectivity of the Internet and fuse it with the on demand expectations of on line consumers. The end result is a product that has the potential to impact a greater number of individuals than most print publishing routes.
More tomorrow........Ricky

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Black Rose ?

The Black Rose, Do They Exist?

What a question, do black roses exist? Some say they are secretly being grown in Europe or a secret place in Asia. Most say no, but a few say yes. There is a rose that has been around for a lot of years called the black rose. It is a deep red color . Black roses (roses of a pure black color) do not exist in nature as far as we know.
In reality no pure black flowers of any kind exist, that we know of yet. The so-called “black tulip” is actually very dark purple . Many people confuse the two. The Black tulip is very dark , and from a little distance it does look black. Upon a close examination you see its true color.
Rose growers have been trying to grow a darker rose almost black for many years, but as far as the rose world knows , no one has succeeded.
Fake black roses, can be produced in a couple of ways. Florists can make them by using floral paint on darker roses. They are painted to look black. Also another way is to use a special treatment with special dyes and powdered flower preservative. You mix together the preservative, food coloring and water and put it in a  jar. Only fill the jar an inch or two in the bottom so you have a strong black color. After being in the jar a few days , it will soak up the dye and you will have a "black rose".
As I have said the mystery of the black rose continues. Even with the hand made varieties the meaning seems to be various. When I think of these roses, I think of bad things or death. All around the world it has different meanings in different cultures. This mystical flower is mostly associated with dark forces. But the myth still lives on today. Shrouded by more mystery and intrigue.
Some  day in the future we may see a man made  black rose. It could be on the horizion, but as now  there, have been no true black rose breakthroughs in creating one. The roses with "Black" in their names are just a “name”, since the real black rose is really a deep red.
The Black Baccara Rose is a hybrid tea rose, and is perfect for a cut flower. Like all the black red roses, their flowers are more black looking before they are fully opened. These are some of the darkest natural roses you can find.
They appear to be more black in cool or cold weather. So if you live someplace a little colder your roses would appear darker most of the time.
So as this controversy goes on and on , as far as we know , mother nature has not ever produced a true black rose or flower. Some are close , but not true black.
But for now man can produce fake black roses threw different techniques. They are costly but they can be done.
One day a rose grower may stumble upon a variety and with a little help come up with a black rose. What a sight that will be to see. The beauty of the rose in such a color, will be truly amazing. All of us growers and gardeners wait for that day. You will go down in the history books forever being the first one in history to have a “true black rose”. What a day that will be.
By: Lee Martin Resource:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Web Design- SEO

What Is SEO Friendly Web Designing? Web designing is often limited to looking good and providing user friendly features. However, though it is often overlooked, the most important part of web design is search engine optimization. This is extremely important if you own a business website. This is why many SEO companies hire web designs and search engine optimizers. There are many things that you should demand when it comes to SEO from a web designer. Here are a few things to look for:- • It is important to take search engine optimization into consideration when building your website. It is a major mistake to wait to optimize your website until your website is complete. • It is extremely important for web designers to know CSS very well. • Tags are very important for SEO including font tags, size tags and color tags. • It is also important for search engine experts to find and provide key phrases and keywords that can be used in headings, categories, navigation schemes and cross links. • Often times websites will place high priority phrases on their homepages which will leave their internal pages lacking. You can fix this by linking internal pages using anchor text on the homepage. This will help make navigation much smoother and more user friendly. Splash pages are very important for web design and optimization. So what exactly is a splash page? A splash page is usually a flash animation that links to your home page. ? Splash pages usually contain large advertisements. ? The bag part about splash pages is that they often lack visible body text and they only contain one link. ? Splash pages should only be used if web analaytics and focus groups shower their demand. It is important to remember the negatives of splash pages though. Finding a web designer can be a very difficult task. It is important to know at least some of the basics about web designing and SEO. Knowing a little about this will help you analyze a web designer's portfolio better. There are a number of tips that are normal with web designing today. • Search engines take headlines into high regards. It is important to place major keywords into our page's headlines. • Every page of your website should have a title and a description tag. It is important to place keywords into these tags that describe the entire page's content. The title should have no more than nine words while the description can have to up to twenty words. • New web designs are placing their menus on the left. • It is important to take advantage of ALT tag by playing keywords and key phrases in them. • You should avoid using flash at all cost because it is very unfriendly with search engines. • You shouldn't use image link frequently as search engine spiders are friendlier towards text links. • You should also avoid frames which are very search engine unfriendly. • You should avoid complex tables as they are not good for search engine optimization. • CSS and java script can help decrease a website's page making is download faster for users. This will help it index quicker and will enhance the page's ranking. • When using web designing software, it is best to stick with a standard HTML software because other software will often add unnecessary codes which are sometimes unreadable by search engines. It should be noted that the rank of a website will depend on the amount of traffic it invites. SEO and web design work hand in hand. In the future, you may be able to get a career with both. There could be a number of different types of web designing in the future.
Thats all for now........................Ricky

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Caring For Roses

Caring for Roses

Caring for roses is often said to be a very difficult task, as roses are rumored to require special attention and maintenance. However, by learning some of the basics of caring for roses, it is possible to grow rosebushes with full, beautiful flowers that all of your neighbors and guests will envy.

Caring for roses begins with careful planting. Roses can be planted any time from spring until autumn. However, it is advised to plant your roses earlier in the spring or summer so that they can establish a firm root base before the soil hardens during the colder winter months. The best soil for planting roses is a dense gardening soil that ranges in pH from a 5.0-7.0. It is also beneficial to have good compost on hand in order to improve drainage and airflow. Good compost will also help retain essential elements in the soil that will help your rosebushes thrive.

Before planting rosebushes, soak the roots in water overnight. The next day, remove any dead-looking or broken roots, as this will promote the best nutrient flow to the plant. Dig wide holes in the ground that will allow you to gradually build a strong soil system for the plant. Remember that roses require at approximately six hours of sunlight a day, so plant the rosebushes in a spot that will receive adequate light. After you have dug your holes, place each individual plant in the center of the hole and surround it with a conical mound of soil to ground the plant.

Continue to fill the hole with soil until it is about two thirds full. Water the soil around the base of the plant until you have created a muddy slush. Allow the water to drain, continue to fill the hole, then water and drain again. The plant may sink slightly during this initial watering process – this is completely normal. Continue adding soil, watering and draining until the hole is filled and level with the rest of the ground. Planting roses is probably the hardest part, so take pride in a job well done.

Caring for roses does not require as much upkeep as one would think. Roses are water-loving plants, but it is important not to overdo it. Water your rosebushes every day if the temperature is over 90 degrees, every two days if the temperature is 80 degrees, three days if 70 degrees, and so on. Additionally, rosebushes only need to be pruned occasionally. The best time is the spring. Prune relatively hard down to the stem and remove any woody stalks. Leave about 3-5 canes on the plant that are relatively equally spaced around the plant. Cut the canes at varying lengths between one and a half and two feet to encourage a healthy array of flowers.

As long as you are cautious and meticulous when planting your roses, water them regularly, and prune them seasonally, you will see healthy, beautiful blooms every year. Caring for roses can be an easy hobby and a relaxing task
By: Lee Martin
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who Loves Roses ?

Found another great example of a good web site. Look here.

Growing Climbing Roses

No rose garden is truly complete without including climbing roses into the mix of rose species. Climbing roses, also known as pillars, ramblers, trailing roses, and ever blooming roses depending on how they grow are not considered true vines. They don’t grow their own support structures to hold onto surfaces. But they are the ideal ornament to grace any archway, fence or any other structure in and around any garden.
Because climbing roses do not have the capabilities to hold onto structures like vines do, they need help from us. Grower can loosely attach the plant to a structure or wind it through the structure. Some types of structures you can grow climbing roses on are trellis’, arbors, fences, sheds, pillars, walls or almost any other large, solid structures. Climbing roses that are trained to grow laterally rather then vertically often produce more blooms. Vertically trained climbing roses will produce short spurs along their main stem or canes which will produce blooms. Besides the way they grow, growing climbing roses is not unlike growing other types of rose plants. Climbing roses need about six to seven hours of direct unfiltered sunlight a day. Even climbing roses that are said to do well in the part shade still need about four to five hours of direct sunlight a day.
When planning to grow climbing roses in your garden, take into consideration the height or length that these types of roses will grow to. Some species of climbing roses can grow to be around thirty feet in height. Other species can grow to be seven feet in height. Can the structure that you are planning to grow them on support this type of plant? The height of the plant will also depend on the type of climate you have in your area. Another thing to consider is which type of climbing rose is going to suit your garden. Some varieties of climbing roses are ever bloomers which means that they bloom all throughout the growing season. Other varieties are spring bloomers meaning they only bloom in the spring.
One big difference between climbing roses and other types of rose plants is that they require very little pruning. There is no need to prune the plant for the first two years. If climbing roses are pruned every year like other rose plants, the opposite will happen to the climbers; they will produce fewer blooms. Owners can get away with pruning their climbing roses every three or four years. Even then, pruning consists of removing small canes and old or less vigorous canes at the base of the plant. Vigorous young canes are encouraged to grow and to become long and flexible. Owners will have an easier time training these canes through and onto structures.
The thing to remember with climbing roses is that you have to be patient. They may take a little while to get established and start blooming right after they are planted. But, when they do become established, the fragrance and the beauty of their colors are well worth the wait.
More free info at:

By: Lee Martin

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Buy Guinea Pig ?

Hi all

With that new movie coming out soon , I found this great web site on guinea pigs.
Well give you a great deal of info on how your web site should be set up. The url is: . I have published an article from that site owner, enjoy.

Buy Guinea Pig

The first thing you need to think about before buying a guinea pig is if it's the right choice for you. These tiny little furry animals are adorable but they take a lot of responsibility. If you are a very busy person and will not be able to commit to your furry friend, then you should probably reconsider. First of all, your guinea pig needs lots of exercise, attention, and caution towards other pets. You will also be responsible for grooming, dealing with any health problems that may approach, and the happiness of your pig. These are just some of the responsibilities you will have if you choose to buy a guinea pig.
Ok, so you decided to buy a guinea pig. There are many options when buying a guinea pig. Some places to go are animal rescue centers, friends, breeders, pet shops, and even small ads.
Once you bring your new pig home, let it get used to its surroundings. Try to minimize noise and commotion around it if possible. After a day or two try feeding it tidbits out of your hand so it can work on getting used to you. The guinea pig will eventually become more comfortable around you and you will definitely notice. Once you are ready to try and hold the guinea pig remember it may be very anxious and wiggly but once it knows you and trusts you, it will be happy to be held and not be so frantic. Let your pig run around whether it is in a free open space or a large pin. Don't forget to name your pig. They are animals just like any other.
A recommendation when owning a guinea pig is to do some research so you can better understand your new addition. Whether it is the internet or a book about guinea pigs, these are wonderful sources to check out.
Taking care of a guinea pig can be a task. You need to make sure you have all the proper amenities to take care of your pet such as food, water, cage, etc. You may be wondering what you can and cannot feed your pig so I am going to list items that are good and not good. Guinea pigs love fruits and vegetables. The following is a list of fruits and vegetables they can eat and this consists of red, green, or yellow peppers, carrots, apples, oranges, leafy greens, cucumbers, broccoli, green beans, grapes, bananas, dandelion greens, and strawberries. Now every guinea pig is different and has different tastes but they generally are accommodated to a variety of foods. There are some foods you absolutely cannot feed your pig and that consists of iceberg lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, potato peelings, raw beans, shelled nuts or beans, rhubarb, meat or fish, dairy products, chocolate, alcohol, cookies, or bread. If you have doubts on anything, contact your veterinarian. It's better to be safe than sorry. Now that you have the basics for buying and or owning a guinea pig, have fun and enjoy your new friend.
For more information on guinea pigs come to:

By: Lee Martin