Thursday, December 10, 2009

Free Ways To Advertise Your Business

Advertising does not come cheap although it is one of the most essential aspects of a business. Therefore as a small business owner, you need to find ways to advertise for free. When you are trying to make money at home, the last thing you need is unnecessary business costs. Creativity should be applied when you are looking for an idea to help you make money fast.

One of the most effective ways to advertise for free is by starting a blog on your site. This will attract a following and you will be able to let people know about your products and services.

If you are trying to make money online, you should write press releases to get publicity for your business at no charge. You have to make sure that your press release is interesting because this is the only way it will get published.

Social networks provide a great forum if you want to advertise your businesses for free. These networks allow you to include your personal profile and information about your business on their sites. To make money fast by advertising on the social networks, you have to be very careful about the approach you use. You have to be very subtle about it and with time, you can contact people you know.

Include a signature in your emails as a way of advertising your business for free. The signature has a link that directs people to your business email.

The yellow pages will also offer your business the recognition it needs without costing you a cent. To get this free service, you will have to settle for a basic listing.

Marketing your home based business through forums is also very effective but you have to make sure you follow the guidelines provided by the forum if you need to get money.

If you are really serious and looking to make money online, fast from home, then you should download your free guide on how to make money fast.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Found a Great new lens

Hi to all

Found a great new squidoo lens on herb gardening. Check it out!!!

Thanks Ricky

Monday, November 30, 2009

White Rose Garden

White Garden Rose

The language of flowers has been with us since ancient times. The earliest tradition of using flowers to convey messages was found in ancient Persia and Japan. During the Victorian era it was very chivalrous for a man to express his devotion towards his fair lady using flowers. This is what is explained by: A marriage of nature and meaning.

This was due to the lack of technological advances that would restrict travel and also because most of the people of ancient times, especially in the Europe of the Middle Ages, were kept illiterate. Most of the knowledge was held in monasteries and churches.

Today many people celebrate holidays, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but they do not know the history behind them or they cannot read the meaning of the symbolism involved. However, there still exists in our psyche the need to express feelings and sentiments that are well beyond our words and we can accomplish expressing these feelings by using the beauty of flowers.

There are many flowers of different colors that help us convey many messages. One of the most prevalent roses is the white rose. The white rose is usually found in weddings and bouquets. White roses in weddings are a symbol of pure and young love. That is to symbolize the brand new union of a man and a woman that have embarked on a journey of life together.

This is the same as in ancient Rome where love was always depicted as an infant child or in the form of cupid. This symbolizes the ever changing presence of love. That it begins as a simple whim, but as years pass by, it becomes strong and it becomes selfless love.

In other cultures the meaning of the rose is reflected in the color. The rose was merely the media in which the message was convey. It is the same as the canvas of a painting, were the canvas is just the surface that gives the idea; the colors and the richness of a painting give it a place to exist. This is the same in the language of roses. In this case a white rose was a sign of purity and youth or when given to a woman it can be a symbol of your admiration and respect towards her.

Whether it is with roses or words, the meaning of emotions should be always expressed with the heart. As one of the best singers of Spain wrote, “There are no mysteries when the one that talks is the heart.” So when you think about doing something nice for that special one, remember color can be important. Chose you color wisely, for it can tell what is truly in your heart.

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Growing and Using Medicinal Herbs

Growing And Using Medicinal Herbs
Growing your own medicinal herbs can be an interesting and worthwhile hobby. Using the medicinal herbs you grow the way they are meant to be used can be extremely satisfying.

To grow medicinal herbs, create a garden area just as would for flowers or vegetables. Choose the varieties of herbs you grow carefully. Some herbs are perennials. (They come back every year.) Some herbs are annuals and need to be replanted every year. Others take a full two years to mature. These are biennials. Which of categories the herbs you plant fall into will affect how how you take care of them and when you plant them.

When deciding which medicinal herbs to grow, consider what you want to use them for. If you are looking for a good night’s sleep, things like Passion Flower, Chamomile, and Skullcap are very beneficial. There are several herbs that are good for prostate health. Some of these are Echinacea and Horsetail. St. John’s Wort has been used for years for emotional health and concentration. Skullcap and Cayenne are used in many dietary supplements for heart health. Woman’s health issues are addressed with things like Chaste-berry, Angelica, and Ginger.

Okay. You have prepared your garden, chosen the medicinal herbs you want to grow, and now they are ready. After a successful growing period, the medicinal herbs are mature and ready to cut and prepared so they can be used. Just as for any herb, medicinal herbs can be dried in the oven or hung upside down, then stored till you are ready to use them. You can dry the entire plant, including the roots.

Here are some tips for using the medicinal herbs you have painstakingly chosen and grown. The most common way of using medicinal herbs is to make a tea using the stems, leaves, and flowers of the herb. If you are using fresh medicinal herbs, boil the water over the stems and leaves for a few minutes. If you have dried your herbs, pour boiling water over one teaspoon of dried herb.

To make a tea with the roots, bark, or seeds of the herb, put one teaspoon of the dried herb per cup of tea into a glass or enamel pan. Add the water and boil for about fifteen minutes. Be sure to put a lid on it so all the goodness doesn’t boil away, and then strain the tea into a cup. So thats it for now. Pick those herbs that are best for you and your family and get growing. You will reap the benefits of these wonderful herbs by being more healthy and vibrant.

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Candle Making Jars

Candle Making Jars
Homemade candle making has come a long way in the past decade. I remember when I was a child, we used to make candles using a 1/2 gallon milk container. We'd fill it up with ice and pour melted candle wax in. After it had set, we'd peel off the milk carton and you'd have a very interesting homemade candle. It kind of looked like, frozen colored ice.

Nowadays with places like Micheal's Crafts, and other large craft stores, the home crafter has access to a plethora of tools. There are different types of candle wax so that homemade candle making has gotten to be much easier than in the past. You can purchase metal and poly molds or you could actually use any jar that you like. All you have to do is fill it with the candle wax and a wick.

A very inexpensive way to do your homemade candle making, is to go to your local dollar store and purchase different glass votive or glass jars, actually any glass container can be used as candle making jars. Here is a quick overview of how to make a glass jar candle. The main thing here is to use your imagination.
Almost any glass jar can be used to make candles. Tall , thin, short, fat whatever. If you are using various colored waxes the tall clear jars make a beautiful impression. Just make sure you have plenty of clearance between the burning wick and glass so it does not get to hot and break. For more information on this visit the web site at the bottom of this article.

So to do your own homemade candle making, you'll need a crock pot or double boiler to melt the wax to 160 degrees. Then you can add scented oils and food coloring. Put a dot of glue on the bottom of the metal part of the wick and place it in the candle making jars. Then pour the melted wax into the candle making jars or glass containers that you've purchased. Let the wax cool to a semi-hardened crust and then you can straighten out the wicks and get it centered. Let the candle cool at room temperature completely, which will be about 6-8 hours.

You'll see that the wax has sunken a little in the middle. Now you are going to re heat the leftover wax to about 185 degrees and pour some in to your jar to level it off. Let that cool again and trim your wick to about a quarter inch, and you now have your very own homemade jar candle.

The possibilities are endless; you can use any type of glass containers for your candle making jars that you like, so let your imagination go wild! Have fun with it!

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Guinea Pigs Diet

Guinea Pigs Diet
Guinea pigs are herbivores and grass is their natural diet. Herbivores require a lot of vitamin C because they cannot make their own. Unlike other mammals that synthesize their own vitamin C guinea pigs get their daily requirement from raw fruits and vegetables or through dietary supplements.

Hay is an important part of a guinea pigs diet. Hay serves two important purposes. It is high in fiber which aids in digestive system health. A guinea pigs teeth grows constantly, their molars are used for grinding plant matter, a good supply of hay should be available at all times to help keep their teeth trim.

Oxbow Cavy Cuisine pellets are good for adult guinea pigs. They are high in fiber, have a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio, and are fortified with stabilized vitamin C. However, they are not recommended for guinea pigs under 6 months old. Timothy Hay and Cavy pellet mix is good guinea pig food, but your guinea pigs diet should also include leafy greens, raw vegetables and fresh fruits.

Vegetables and herbs that are safe: Kale, collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, romaine lettuce, spinach, peas, celery, carrots, parsnip, parsley and basil. Red or green bell peppers are a good source of vitamin C; cucumbers and asparagus have a high water content.

Fruits that are safe: Apples, oranges, cantaloup, grapefruit, guava, honeydew melon, kiwi, mangoes, tangerines, and strawberries. Always remove any seeds. Introducing your guinea pig to new food should be done slowly because of their sensitive digestive system. Always watch for any digestive changes before gradually increasing the amounts.

Unsafe foods: Potatoes, onions, radish, wild mushrooms, iceberg lettuce, rhubarb, rhubarb leaves, and tomato leaves. These foods may cause toxicity or digestive problems. Avoid feeding your guinea pig grain mixes which contain sugary and fatty ingredients. Guinea pigs are herbivores do not give them dairy products or meats.

Always make sure a supply of fresh cold water is available. Use a drip bottle to avoid contamination.
f you need to supplement vitamin C with tablets, plain vitamin C is okay, but never give a guinea pig multivitamins. Excessive amounts of some other vitamins can cause problems.

Using a syringe is a safe way to give your guinea pig vitamin C supplement tablets. Never put vitamins or medication in their water supply. A well balanced and nutritious guinea pigs diet will keep your pet happy and healthy. So talk to your Vet make sure your guinea is doing well. They can suggest any dietary changes that you need to make to keep your pet in the very best health. Good luck .

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Growing Perennial Herbs

Growing Perennial Herbs
Types of Useful Perennial Herbs
Perennial Herbs are fragrant and entirely useful for recipes that call for freshly chopped herbs. They make wonderful teas, sachets and dried herbal wreaths. These perennial herbs include rosemary, chives, angelica, bay leaf, mint, lemongrass, lavender, echinacea, aloe, fennel and oregano. Another perennial that delights feline pets is catnip. There are many perennial herbs to choose from for perennial herb gardens.

Growing Perennial Herbs
When growing perennial herbs, it's important to remember each genus of herb may have very different soil, water, sun and shade requirements. Not all perennial herbs grow in all climates, either. Growing perennial herbs is a interesting and fun hobby, with the added benefit of good health. Growing perennial herbs for kitchen use can be planned for one area of the garden, while others can be grown as an added feature of a flower or rock garden or to line a sidewalk.

The main thing is to find the herbs you want to grow and then check each herbs requirements. You can then do grouping of plants with similar needs of sunlight and soil. When your plants are ready to be harvested, it is great to know that you raised them yourself and you get the added knowledge of getting the health benefits of the herbs.
If you enjoy the herb growing very much you may move up to doing it part time for extra money. There are a few ways you can make extra income from growing your herbs. Lets talk now about growing and selling your home grown herbs to others.

Growing Herbs for Sale
If you are planning to grow herbs for sale, the quantity planted needs to be increased from a small patch-type garden to perhaps a much larger area. Growing herbs for sale requires more care to insure that the wider growing area doesn't endure overgrowth of weeds. Growing herbs for sale is a good way to earn extra money while enjoying the beauty of a formal herb garden.

First, try growing a smaller herb garden to become acquainted with how each herb reacts to the elements and care. Rosemary, for instance, tends to grow in shrub-like fashion. So, this is one herb that will have profuse growth and abundance that can be sold. Growing herbs for sale is a way to create your own herbal product line. Marketed properly, the return on investment of time, money and effort will produce a tidy additional income.

Be creative about marketing your herbal products to the general public as well as to large herbal companies that appreciate additional herbal stock from their vendors. This may mean promoting a special featured line of herbs or a particular healthful aspect of how your herbs are grown.

Perennial Herb Garden, A Tradition That Continues
Most perennial herb gardens were originally grown just outside a kitchen window for convenience. Today, many are grown in pots for kitchen windowsills.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Where Roses Grow Wild

Where Roses Grow Wild

The rose is one of the most beautiful and most widely planted flowers in many peoples’ gardens, but the rose is also one of the most demanding flowers as far as maintenance is concerned. Many roses that are planted need to be constantly cared by spraying for bugs, trimming down surrounding weeds, and fertilizing are all popular practices for rose growers to help their rose bushes grow more full and more beautiful.

However, there is a way to get the beauty of the rose without having to deal with the hassle of taking great care of it, and that is by planting a wild rose. This article is going to look at where roses grow wild and how to care for roses.

The first thing to consider when planting a wild rose is where to plant it. It is important to know the places where roses grow wild so the rose is planted in a place where the conditions are favorable for the rose. However, because the wild rose is so resilient there not really any rules for where roses grow wild best except for planting them where they will not be mowed over. Therefore, the best place for this would be at the back of a meadow lot or put against a fence or a house. Anywhere that the mower will not get to the bush would be a good spot to plant the wild rose.

Man-made, hybrid roses require a lot more work, and thus learning how to care for roses is a little more difficult. Whereas, wild roses are such a low maintenance plant, therefore it is very easy to learn how to care for roses. Wild roses, which are much like a small tree, are very hearty plants. During the winter, wild roses will shed their flowers and leaves and just remain bare, and as long as the dead branches are cut off at the end of winter, they will bloom again come the spring. They will bloom a little, if you don't trim them, but there is no harm in helping them a little so they flourish.

To conclude, being able to attain the beauty of a rose without all of the work is finally attainable with planting a wild rose. Wild roses are more resilient and less susceptible to weeds and bugs than regular roses that are bought at a nursery. For all of these reasons, a wild rose would be a wonderful addition to any meadow or garden and be enjoyed with a minimal amount of work. So if you are going to do this, get with your local garden center and see if you can order some hardy wild roses. Good luck !

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Candle Making Jars

Candle Making Jars

Homemade candle making has come a long way in the past decade. I remember when I was a child, we used to make candles using a 1/2 gallon milk container. We'd fill it up with ice and pour melted candle wax in. After it had set, we'd peel off the milk carton and you'd have a very interesting homemade candle. It kind of looked like, frozen colored ice.

Nowadays with places like Micheal's Crafts, and other large craft stores, the home crafter has access to a plethora of tools. There are different types of candle wax so that homemade candle making has gotten to be much easier than in the past. You can purchase metal and poly molds or you could actually use any jar that you like. All you have to do is fill it with the candle wax and a wick.

A very inexpensive way to do your homemade candle making, is to go to your local dollar store and purchase different glass votive or glass jars, actually any glass container can be used as candle making jars. Here is a quick overview of how to make a glass jar candle. The main thing here is to use your imagination.
Almost any glass jar can be used to make candles. Tall , thin, short, fat whatever. If you are using various colored waxes the tall clear jars make a beautiful impression. Just make sure you have plenty of clearance between the burning wick and glass so it does not get to hot and break. For more information on this visit the web site at the bottom of this article.

So to do your own homemade candle making, you'll need a crock pot or double boiler to melt the wax to 160 degrees. Then you can add scented oils and food coloring. Put a dot of glue on the bottom of the metal part of the wick and place it in the candle making jars. Then pour the melted wax into the candle making jars or glass containers that you've purchased. Let the wax cool to a semi-hardened crust and then you can straighten out the wicks and get it centered. Let the candle cool at room temperature completely, which will be about 6-8 hours.

You'll see that the wax has sunken a little in the middle. Now you are going to re heat the leftover wax to about 185 degrees and pour some in to your jar to level it off. Let that cool again and trim your wick to about a quarter inch, and you now have your very own homemade jar candle.

The possibilities are endless; you can use any type of glass containers for your candle making jars that you like, so let your imagination go wild! Have fun with it!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Italian Herb Garden

Italian Herb Garden

Grow an Italian Herb Garden today can be easy and fun. These fresh herbs will liven any dish and bring a touch of Italy into your kitchen. Here are a few you might consider.

Rosemary grows very easily on its own. It needs sunlight and well-irrigated area to grow the bluish- green small bushes. Start Rosemary from seeds or from cuttings and let it grow on its own; too much water can kill the plants. The leaves can be cut, as you need them, and will grow back quickly. Rosemary is very aromatic, and wonderful to sprinkle on meats and vegetables.

Sage is more difficult to grow than rosemary. The area must be very sunny and moist. You should grow your sage from cuttings. You begin them indoors and then transplant them about 12 to 18 inches apart. Sage plants also become very thick and less tasty after the 4th year, so you will need to plant new cuttings. Sage is used on meats, vegetables and salads.

Parsley is also an easy plant to grow in direct sunlight or slightly shady areas. You can plant parsley from seeds and it will grow quickly. The leaves taste the best in the first and second year, take the seeds and regularly plant to new parsley plants. Parsley can be used on vegetables, meats, and soups. It also will dress up any plate.

Plant your oregano in sunny well-drained area from other oregano plants' roots and cuttings. You will only need a few plants, because there will be plenty of leaves to cut or even dry for the winter. These plants spread out runners to begin new plants. They are the tastiest when cut before they flower. Oregano is often used with basil and tomato dishes, but it adds flavor and color to salads, fish, vegetables and other meats as well. This is one of the favorites in most Italian herb gardens.

Garlic grows in bulbs easily in any garden. Plant the bulbs with the pointed end down and with 2 or 3 inches between each bulb and clove in the fall. These plants are hardy and will come up in the spring. Harvest them when the leaves turn brown. The cloves should be plump and firm.

Basil needs to be planted in a sunny area from seeds. Pinch off flowers to keep the leaves the most aromatic and tasty. These plants will return in the spring and ready for your marinades and pasta.

These are just the beginning of growing your Italian herb garden. You will find that these are a must to get started with. As you get better at growing herbs in general you can add more each season. Before long you will have a great variety of herbs growing, and be the talk of your family. Have fun with it, and get those herbs growing.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Growing Herbs In Pots

Great article and website. If you are into gardening or herbs this is some good information. Read and enjoy.

Growing herbs in pots is as enjoyable as it is economical. The ease with which herbs can be grown allows even the most discerning home chef the ability to utilize the freshness that only fresh herbs can deliver to a dish.

Herbs can be easily grown from starter plants that can be purchased at a garden center. Many herbs are also easy to start from seed making them an even more economical choice especially when compared to purchasing fresh herbs in the grocery store.

The requirement of growing herbs in pots will vary from outdoors to indoors. Much of the success will depend on where and when the herbs are grown. Spring, summer, fall and winter will each have their own set of challenges and advantages.

There are a few things that must be done in order to insure that the herb garden is successful and those are necessary whether the herbs in pots are grown indoors or outdoors or a combination of both. Specific plants require specific care so following instructions will be important in order to have herbs that will taste great and grow well.

To get started, there are some basic rules that can apply to every herb container. Watering is a big consideration when growing anything in pots. Plants will dry out much more quickly than plants being grown in the ground. The moisture level must be checked frequently in order to maintain proper moisture so that they do not wilt or get stressed from lack of water.

Regular harvesting and pruning of most herbs promotes vigorous growth. Many herbs continue to grow larger if they are harvested and pruned correctly. By growing herbs in pots it is easy to see when they are looking overgrown for the space that they are being grown in. This is helpful in controlling the size of the plants.

Generally speaking for a single plant, a 10 inch pot with good draining soil will yield a decent harvest of the most common herbs used in every day cooking. Use larger pots if planting more than one plant or a variety of plants in one container. Be sure to also choose plants with similar light and moisture requirements if grouping more than one plant per pot. The instructions will be clear on the plants that are purchased or the seed packages if choosing to start herbs from seed.

Following guidelines for each plant will bring about a successful harvest. By growing herbs in pots, anybody can have a fresh garden in any season and in any location.
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E-Books- How to sell

E-books take the common connectivity of the Internet and fuse it with the on demand expectations of on line consumers. The end result is a product that has the potential to impact a greater number of individuals than most print publishing routes. Ebooks business is one of the most beneficial online money making ways in the internet marketing. Many internet marketers make their profits online by writing and selling Ebooks on the internet. When set up properly, it’s completely automated.

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Person’s observation e-books as earnings of publishing a employment in a up-to-the-minute display place and in a conduct that is supplementary asking price effective than the majority supplementary forms of media distribution. Businesses view e-books as a means of information development or on line marketing.

Selling Ebooks is just another outcome of affiliate marketing. All you need is to sign up with a number of affiliate plans and sell the Ebooks you want using your own website, email lists, or any other affiliate marketing techniques.

It is much easier and advantageous to sell eBooks than to become a publisher for physical books. Selling eBooks is a great way to make big money and is a brilliant business as your cost is zero, except the expense of writing the Ebook; there is no additional cost.

Individuals view e-books as a means of publishing a work in a new platform and in a manner that is more cost effective than most other forms of media distribution. Businesses view e-books as a means of information development or on line marketing.

Not all e-books require consumer payment. In many cases a simple, yet free, on line registration is all that’s required to gain access to the e-book. For more detail visit E-books take the common connectivity of the Internet and fuse it with the on demand expectations of on line consumers. The end result is a product that has the potential to impact a greater number of individuals than most print publishing routes.
More tomorrow........Ricky

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Black Rose ?

The Black Rose, Do They Exist?

What a question, do black roses exist? Some say they are secretly being grown in Europe or a secret place in Asia. Most say no, but a few say yes. There is a rose that has been around for a lot of years called the black rose. It is a deep red color . Black roses (roses of a pure black color) do not exist in nature as far as we know.
In reality no pure black flowers of any kind exist, that we know of yet. The so-called “black tulip” is actually very dark purple . Many people confuse the two. The Black tulip is very dark , and from a little distance it does look black. Upon a close examination you see its true color.
Rose growers have been trying to grow a darker rose almost black for many years, but as far as the rose world knows , no one has succeeded.
Fake black roses, can be produced in a couple of ways. Florists can make them by using floral paint on darker roses. They are painted to look black. Also another way is to use a special treatment with special dyes and powdered flower preservative. You mix together the preservative, food coloring and water and put it in a  jar. Only fill the jar an inch or two in the bottom so you have a strong black color. After being in the jar a few days , it will soak up the dye and you will have a "black rose".
As I have said the mystery of the black rose continues. Even with the hand made varieties the meaning seems to be various. When I think of these roses, I think of bad things or death. All around the world it has different meanings in different cultures. This mystical flower is mostly associated with dark forces. But the myth still lives on today. Shrouded by more mystery and intrigue.
Some  day in the future we may see a man made  black rose. It could be on the horizion, but as now  there, have been no true black rose breakthroughs in creating one. The roses with "Black" in their names are just a “name”, since the real black rose is really a deep red.
The Black Baccara Rose is a hybrid tea rose, and is perfect for a cut flower. Like all the black red roses, their flowers are more black looking before they are fully opened. These are some of the darkest natural roses you can find.
They appear to be more black in cool or cold weather. So if you live someplace a little colder your roses would appear darker most of the time.
So as this controversy goes on and on , as far as we know , mother nature has not ever produced a true black rose or flower. Some are close , but not true black.
But for now man can produce fake black roses threw different techniques. They are costly but they can be done.
One day a rose grower may stumble upon a variety and with a little help come up with a black rose. What a sight that will be to see. The beauty of the rose in such a color, will be truly amazing. All of us growers and gardeners wait for that day. You will go down in the history books forever being the first one in history to have a “true black rose”. What a day that will be.
By: Lee Martin Resource:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Web Design- SEO

What Is SEO Friendly Web Designing? Web designing is often limited to looking good and providing user friendly features. However, though it is often overlooked, the most important part of web design is search engine optimization. This is extremely important if you own a business website. This is why many SEO companies hire web designs and search engine optimizers. There are many things that you should demand when it comes to SEO from a web designer. Here are a few things to look for:- • It is important to take search engine optimization into consideration when building your website. It is a major mistake to wait to optimize your website until your website is complete. • It is extremely important for web designers to know CSS very well. • Tags are very important for SEO including font tags, size tags and color tags. • It is also important for search engine experts to find and provide key phrases and keywords that can be used in headings, categories, navigation schemes and cross links. • Often times websites will place high priority phrases on their homepages which will leave their internal pages lacking. You can fix this by linking internal pages using anchor text on the homepage. This will help make navigation much smoother and more user friendly. Splash pages are very important for web design and optimization. So what exactly is a splash page? A splash page is usually a flash animation that links to your home page. ? Splash pages usually contain large advertisements. ? The bag part about splash pages is that they often lack visible body text and they only contain one link. ? Splash pages should only be used if web analaytics and focus groups shower their demand. It is important to remember the negatives of splash pages though. Finding a web designer can be a very difficult task. It is important to know at least some of the basics about web designing and SEO. Knowing a little about this will help you analyze a web designer's portfolio better. There are a number of tips that are normal with web designing today. • Search engines take headlines into high regards. It is important to place major keywords into our page's headlines. • Every page of your website should have a title and a description tag. It is important to place keywords into these tags that describe the entire page's content. The title should have no more than nine words while the description can have to up to twenty words. • New web designs are placing their menus on the left. • It is important to take advantage of ALT tag by playing keywords and key phrases in them. • You should avoid using flash at all cost because it is very unfriendly with search engines. • You shouldn't use image link frequently as search engine spiders are friendlier towards text links. • You should also avoid frames which are very search engine unfriendly. • You should avoid complex tables as they are not good for search engine optimization. • CSS and java script can help decrease a website's page making is download faster for users. This will help it index quicker and will enhance the page's ranking. • When using web designing software, it is best to stick with a standard HTML software because other software will often add unnecessary codes which are sometimes unreadable by search engines. It should be noted that the rank of a website will depend on the amount of traffic it invites. SEO and web design work hand in hand. In the future, you may be able to get a career with both. There could be a number of different types of web designing in the future.
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Caring For Roses

Caring for Roses

Caring for roses is often said to be a very difficult task, as roses are rumored to require special attention and maintenance. However, by learning some of the basics of caring for roses, it is possible to grow rosebushes with full, beautiful flowers that all of your neighbors and guests will envy.

Caring for roses begins with careful planting. Roses can be planted any time from spring until autumn. However, it is advised to plant your roses earlier in the spring or summer so that they can establish a firm root base before the soil hardens during the colder winter months. The best soil for planting roses is a dense gardening soil that ranges in pH from a 5.0-7.0. It is also beneficial to have good compost on hand in order to improve drainage and airflow. Good compost will also help retain essential elements in the soil that will help your rosebushes thrive.

Before planting rosebushes, soak the roots in water overnight. The next day, remove any dead-looking or broken roots, as this will promote the best nutrient flow to the plant. Dig wide holes in the ground that will allow you to gradually build a strong soil system for the plant. Remember that roses require at approximately six hours of sunlight a day, so plant the rosebushes in a spot that will receive adequate light. After you have dug your holes, place each individual plant in the center of the hole and surround it with a conical mound of soil to ground the plant.

Continue to fill the hole with soil until it is about two thirds full. Water the soil around the base of the plant until you have created a muddy slush. Allow the water to drain, continue to fill the hole, then water and drain again. The plant may sink slightly during this initial watering process – this is completely normal. Continue adding soil, watering and draining until the hole is filled and level with the rest of the ground. Planting roses is probably the hardest part, so take pride in a job well done.

Caring for roses does not require as much upkeep as one would think. Roses are water-loving plants, but it is important not to overdo it. Water your rosebushes every day if the temperature is over 90 degrees, every two days if the temperature is 80 degrees, three days if 70 degrees, and so on. Additionally, rosebushes only need to be pruned occasionally. The best time is the spring. Prune relatively hard down to the stem and remove any woody stalks. Leave about 3-5 canes on the plant that are relatively equally spaced around the plant. Cut the canes at varying lengths between one and a half and two feet to encourage a healthy array of flowers.

As long as you are cautious and meticulous when planting your roses, water them regularly, and prune them seasonally, you will see healthy, beautiful blooms every year. Caring for roses can be an easy hobby and a relaxing task
By: Lee Martin
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who Loves Roses ?

Found another great example of a good web site. Look here.

Growing Climbing Roses

No rose garden is truly complete without including climbing roses into the mix of rose species. Climbing roses, also known as pillars, ramblers, trailing roses, and ever blooming roses depending on how they grow are not considered true vines. They don’t grow their own support structures to hold onto surfaces. But they are the ideal ornament to grace any archway, fence or any other structure in and around any garden.
Because climbing roses do not have the capabilities to hold onto structures like vines do, they need help from us. Grower can loosely attach the plant to a structure or wind it through the structure. Some types of structures you can grow climbing roses on are trellis’, arbors, fences, sheds, pillars, walls or almost any other large, solid structures. Climbing roses that are trained to grow laterally rather then vertically often produce more blooms. Vertically trained climbing roses will produce short spurs along their main stem or canes which will produce blooms. Besides the way they grow, growing climbing roses is not unlike growing other types of rose plants. Climbing roses need about six to seven hours of direct unfiltered sunlight a day. Even climbing roses that are said to do well in the part shade still need about four to five hours of direct sunlight a day.
When planning to grow climbing roses in your garden, take into consideration the height or length that these types of roses will grow to. Some species of climbing roses can grow to be around thirty feet in height. Other species can grow to be seven feet in height. Can the structure that you are planning to grow them on support this type of plant? The height of the plant will also depend on the type of climate you have in your area. Another thing to consider is which type of climbing rose is going to suit your garden. Some varieties of climbing roses are ever bloomers which means that they bloom all throughout the growing season. Other varieties are spring bloomers meaning they only bloom in the spring.
One big difference between climbing roses and other types of rose plants is that they require very little pruning. There is no need to prune the plant for the first two years. If climbing roses are pruned every year like other rose plants, the opposite will happen to the climbers; they will produce fewer blooms. Owners can get away with pruning their climbing roses every three or four years. Even then, pruning consists of removing small canes and old or less vigorous canes at the base of the plant. Vigorous young canes are encouraged to grow and to become long and flexible. Owners will have an easier time training these canes through and onto structures.
The thing to remember with climbing roses is that you have to be patient. They may take a little while to get established and start blooming right after they are planted. But, when they do become established, the fragrance and the beauty of their colors are well worth the wait.
More free info at:

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Buy Guinea Pig ?

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With that new movie coming out soon , I found this great web site on guinea pigs.
Well give you a great deal of info on how your web site should be set up. The url is: . I have published an article from that site owner, enjoy.

Buy Guinea Pig

The first thing you need to think about before buying a guinea pig is if it's the right choice for you. These tiny little furry animals are adorable but they take a lot of responsibility. If you are a very busy person and will not be able to commit to your furry friend, then you should probably reconsider. First of all, your guinea pig needs lots of exercise, attention, and caution towards other pets. You will also be responsible for grooming, dealing with any health problems that may approach, and the happiness of your pig. These are just some of the responsibilities you will have if you choose to buy a guinea pig.
Ok, so you decided to buy a guinea pig. There are many options when buying a guinea pig. Some places to go are animal rescue centers, friends, breeders, pet shops, and even small ads.
Once you bring your new pig home, let it get used to its surroundings. Try to minimize noise and commotion around it if possible. After a day or two try feeding it tidbits out of your hand so it can work on getting used to you. The guinea pig will eventually become more comfortable around you and you will definitely notice. Once you are ready to try and hold the guinea pig remember it may be very anxious and wiggly but once it knows you and trusts you, it will be happy to be held and not be so frantic. Let your pig run around whether it is in a free open space or a large pin. Don't forget to name your pig. They are animals just like any other.
A recommendation when owning a guinea pig is to do some research so you can better understand your new addition. Whether it is the internet or a book about guinea pigs, these are wonderful sources to check out.
Taking care of a guinea pig can be a task. You need to make sure you have all the proper amenities to take care of your pet such as food, water, cage, etc. You may be wondering what you can and cannot feed your pig so I am going to list items that are good and not good. Guinea pigs love fruits and vegetables. The following is a list of fruits and vegetables they can eat and this consists of red, green, or yellow peppers, carrots, apples, oranges, leafy greens, cucumbers, broccoli, green beans, grapes, bananas, dandelion greens, and strawberries. Now every guinea pig is different and has different tastes but they generally are accommodated to a variety of foods. There are some foods you absolutely cannot feed your pig and that consists of iceberg lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, potato peelings, raw beans, shelled nuts or beans, rhubarb, meat or fish, dairy products, chocolate, alcohol, cookies, or bread. If you have doubts on anything, contact your veterinarian. It's better to be safe than sorry. Now that you have the basics for buying and or owning a guinea pig, have fun and enjoy your new friend.
For more information on guinea pigs come to:

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Children Online Advice

The internet is a great place for finding out information, emailing friends, and meeting and chatting to new friends. The majority of the internet and its users are harmless, but you need to be aware that not everyone who is they always seem to be.

Unfortunately some people abuse the internet and their usage in an attempt to mislead other people. This can vary from simple small fibs or exaggerations to full on lies which are completely untrue and are meant to mislead you and other people. Therefore, although the majority of your internet usage is safe, you should still take steps to ensure your safety when on the internet.

Chatrooms and messageboards are common places for meeting new people with similar interests and require particular attention when speaking and messaging people away from the safety of these confines.

By following some basic safety tips you can ensure your own safe use of the internet and at the same time give your parents piece of mind so that they can trust you to carry on using the internet without too many restrictions.

- Never give anyone your address, telephone number, school name or location or any other personal information, even if its someone you think you can trust
- Never tell anyone things about people you know, especially things like the names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers of your friends, where your parents work, credit card numbers or anything else that is private
- Do not respond to a message that makes you feel uncomfortable. Always tell your parents, or another adult you can trust straightway, and remember, it's not your fault if you receive a message like that
- Never send anyone a picture of yourself over the internet without checking first with your parents
- Do not give out your internet password to anyone (even your best friends) except your parents
- Never agree to meet up with someone you have met online without first discussing it with your parents
- If your parents agree to the meeting taking place, make sure they go with you and always meet people in a public place
- Help your parents set up rules for when and how long you can be online, and then don't break the rules without their permission
- Be open with your parents about your internet usage. The more honest you are with them will help them to worry less and develop trust which will hopefully allow you more freedom in your internet usage
- Do not visit sites or sign up to websites or mailing lists without knowing what they are or what they are for
- Do not download or install programmes without first asking the permission of the owner of the computer
- Don't be rude or say bad things to people online
- And most of all, try to enjoy what the world wide web has to offer.

Safe surfing........................Ricky

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Niche Profit Classroom

To all fathers and mothers

I was a single parent out looking for work

on the internet. You see I had recently become

partially handicap. While looking I ran onto

two guys who was really making a great living.

I watched a couple of free videos and seen the

Passion in there work. Well I was sold!!

I signed up for it and it's pretty amazing.

Thought you would enjoy it!

Ricky Martin ( and yes that is my real name)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Phishing Awareness

Of the many techniques to leach away value from web e-consumers and e-commerce in general, PHISHING is the worst and easiest to implement, all it takes is a web page look-a-like and an ip packet sniffer to gather email addresses. It's so easy in fact that it is wildly used and has reached epidemic proportions. The most targeted sites are banks, ecommerce sites like ebay and payment services like paypal. Generally phishers send email to target victims prompting them to login into fake look-a-like forms that look legitimate but are designed to capture your credentials. Logging into these forms will divulge your user and password information and put it in the hands of those who will exploit your account.

It's incredibly difficult to detect fraudulent emails - as phishers have become increasingly sophisticated in their attacks creating logging pages that look very authentic and are very cleaver in prompting you to login. One thing these phishers can't do is install these pages on the targeted sites domain. So there are certain characteristics in the URL the Internet users should look for, that are common to many spoof emails and give them away very easily.

In order to protect your self you must be very vigilant when following links from email. The URL in the address bar should be a dead giveaway so always make sure your address bar is visible and always have a good hard look to see if the url is leading to the site's domain in question and not to some weird ip address or a fake domain. Be very vigilant here and look at the domain spelling they may have a very close copy of the original domain. If the URL doesn't start with a valid domain then don't go any further. Make sure to set your browser to detect phishing site by turning on automatic website checking. (Note; In Internet Explorer this setting is under Tools/Internet Option/Advanced tab/Phishing Filter this will not catch all of them) If you're not familiar with URL's and IP's to distinguish them then always access these sites from a new browser window or from a trusted bookmark or link.

If you realize that your email is a phishing email then report the fake buy forwarding it to the sites email address designated for this. For eBay this email is and paypal it's check your ecommerce site most of these have an account set up enabling you to communicate this information to the web master.

If you feel like retaliation might be in order then goto PhishFighing's web site. PhishFighting is an ingenious site that turns things around on the fraudster. The site was setup to flood phishering sites with fake information, both usernames and passwords. When you receive your next spoof email simply visit the site and enter the web address of the phishering site into Every twenty seconds, a fake entry is submitted to the site making any genuine details of victims hidden between the hundreds of fake entries

Beinging aware is the most important step against phishers and sharing these tips will go a long way to eliminate this practice and help buildup buyer's confidence online.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fancy Website or Not ?

Generating Traffic

A big misconception is that a website needs high traffic to be successful. It doesn't. Let me explain.

The big buzz is always about how to generate traffic to a website to get more sales or generate more leads. On the surface, that sounds quite logical; and it is up to a point. But here's the snag that seems to elude many people: it's not about how much traffic you generate, but what kind of traffic you generate. The key is to generate traffic from YOUR target audience. The people you want to visit your site are the people who would be interested in your products or services. No body else should matter.

Forget trying to appeal to everyone. Narrow your focus and appeal just to your target audience. Don't worry about how many visitors are coming to your site; worry about how you can convert the traffic you are receiving into buyers.

Target marketing is the key to generating more sales and more leads.
If you truly understand your target audience then you'll know what their biggest problems are and what solutions they need.

Build a Relationship

In order to make a sale, or generate a lead, a website needs to be able to build a relationship with the visitor. When you use target marketing as the basis for creating your website content, it is easier to create content that builds the relationship with the visitor. You understand their problems and create content that offers a solution.

However, some people are under the impression that a website needs to be "fancy" in order to be able to target a specific audience and build a relationship. That's not necessarily true. Let me explain.

Creating a Fancy Website

A website could be considered "fancy" if it has video and/or audio recordings. For some websites, video and audio are good additions. Video and audio testimonials are more powerful than a simple written testimonial. They are much more effective in building a relationship with your target audience because they are believable.

Another new tool being used on websites is from a company called This innovative program allows visitors to get immediate customer service through a live chat feature. You can also monitor how customers navigate through your site to make sure you are delivering the best online experience possible.

Personalizing a visitor's website experience is another technique that could be considered "fancy." Through the use of cookies (a little file that the customer's browser writes to his computer's hard drive) a customer's online behavior is tracked. This information is stored and then retrieved when the customer returns. If the customer registers on the site, even more information can be used to create a more targeted, personalized experience. is a great example of this online personalization.

Make Information Easy to Find

However, a website doesn't need to be complicated (i.e. fancy) to be effective. The more difficult you make it for a visitor to find information, the more likely the visitor will leave quickly. Simple, easy to navigate and plain spoken websites can be hugely successful. It's the usability factor that greatly influences the effectiveness of a site.

Online sales and lead generation are stimulated by a website that is intuitive, has a clear message and offers a positive experience for the visitor. The decision whether or not to have a "fancy" website depends on what would enhance your customer's experience and increase sales, then go for it. Or, if you think video testimonials would help you generate more leads, put them on your website.

However, don't feel like your website is inadequate because it doesn't have these "fancy" features. A simple website with a clear message to your target audience is all you may need.

Your choice.........................Ricky

Monday, June 15, 2009

Web Sites

When you look at various web site you must be aware that some are going for specific key words . This will get there ranking higher on the search engines. i found a site who was doing just that.

Good pizza recipes a articles on a lot of key words.
Pizza Things
This is just a quick post on some of the items we will be discussing in the future.
Some items are:
1. Pizza containers
2. Best pizza sauce for home made pizzas
3. Pizza bases recipes
4. Taste like pizza
5. How long can a pizza set out
6. Pizza grass market
7. Pizza restaurant take away

And much more, so stay tuned for info to help you become the best pizza maker !!!

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These are the keywords That they are going after to rank. We will see articles appear on the site so there organic results will start moving up engine ranking.

take a look and see what you think. Thanks

Friday, June 12, 2009

Why Blog ?

Blogging is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. This is particularly true when you consider the number of weblogs online in 1999 and the number online today. There are almost as many new blogs created each and every day as there were in total before blogs became the media darlings they've become in the last five years.

There have been blogs about many interesting topics, ideas, and pursuits. There are blogs about politics, humor, movies, movie stars, shoes, home improvement projects; even hobbies such as knitting and bowling have made blog rolls.

The question becomes what are the reasons that people blog. The reasons vary from person to person, however, there are a few that seem to stand out among the masses of reasons and are among the most often stated. Here are five reasons people blog:

1) Bloggers enjoy feeling as though they've been heard. This is actually an important part of the blogging process. You have a message to share and an audience with which to share your message. Feedback from readers provides you, as the blogger, with validation and occasionally healthy debate for your statements, opinions, and beliefs.

2) Blogging allows bloggers to establish a virtual identity. For many this is their way of announcing their presence to the world. Not only are they able to make themselves heard, they are also able to be seen for a person that stands out among the many and is at the same time very much like the many. Hopes, fears, dreams, ambitions, talents, and failures define us all. Many of us use our blogs to expand on those definitions with which we measure ourselves.

3) Some people are wise enough to use their blogs for introspective purposes. By blogging we learn more about ourselves. By challenging ourselves to grow, expand, and experience new things, we are also inviting ourselves to look within for insights as to our own natures. We often learn about our own feelings, misconceptions, ideals, and values when we open mindedly study the thoughts and feelings of others, we learn so much more when we take the time to seek our own thoughts and feelings and not only put words to them but also to place them in context.

4) To learn. It sounds quite simple really and yet is something that so many people overlook as a valid reason for blogging. By studying the material that we write about, we often learn things we didn't know in the beginning. Every new nugget of information leads to another and then another.

5) To keep records of our history. Whether your blog is a politic blog that is recording current events in politics or a blog of your favorite bands, music groups, songs, books, etc. It is a record that can be kept for the future. It is an account of your history and a keeper of your memories.

Everyone has a different reason for blogging and some people actually have several reasons for blogging and none of those mentioned above are required. Your reasons for blogging are yours and yours alone and just as valid as any other. The best possible reason to blog, in my opinion, is to have fun and meet new people.

All for now...............................Ricky

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Colors and Your Web Site

When choosing colors for your Web site, it is important to think through your choice carefully. The use of colors that are pleasing to the eye might well lead to visitors spending more time at your site, which will lead to greater sales, but a poor choice of color combinations can also have an effect on an individual's mood or prove to be distracting or irritating.

Choose to use warm colors like red to attract attention to a certain portion of your site, to have the person stop at a certain portion, or to give them a warning. If you have a Web site selling candy products, personal care items, or anything to do with romance, you would do well to consider including the color pink. We tend to associate this whimsical color with all things soft, romantic, and girly.

Orange, another warm color, is naturally associated with the fall harvest and trick or treating. Web sites concerning themselves with foodstuffs and nature might find this a good choice. Yellow, used in moderation, is certainly an eye-catching choice. It conveys warmth and energy to a site visitor.

If your taste runs to cool colors, green can be a wonderful choice. It can symbolize many things: money, the environment, natural products, growth, rebirth, starting over, etc. Use green if your site offers financial advice, vitamins, fitness products, garden tools, seeds, and the like.

Yet another choice in the realm of cool color offerings is blue. This classic color gives a certain formality when used. It makes us think of the natural landscape (sky and water) but the word "blue" can also describe a certain type of music or feelings of despair. Those who are drawn to all that is mystical might choose to include purple. The lush, dark shades bring royalty to mind; lavender is a much more whimsical choice.

Black, white, and grey can also be used for Web sites, but are probably too stark to be used exclusively. They would be best if combined with some other complementary color.

Keep in mind in choosing colors for your site that both Macintosh computers and personal computers (PC's) have a palette of 216 colors that they share. Site owners will want to ensure that the site will appear the same no matter what type of computer someone is using to access the Internet.

When choosing colors for your site, here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

Consider the purpose of your site when choosing colors.

Try to choose two or three colors that complement each other; any more than that, and your site will look sloppy.

In considering color choices, go to your local paint store and help yourself to some color samples. Then you can use them to experiment with different color combinations.

Remember, the goal is to keep visitors on your Web page longer, which is more likely to lead to a sale, which is why you are on the Internet in the first place!

thats all for now........................RICKY

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Home Based Business- How to start

Try to advertise a single job vacancy and see what will happen.

Countless individuals will heed to your call, flood you with relentless calls asking you the details about the job vacancy and will try to convince you to give them the opportunity of an interview.

You already knew the reality of this scenario. Hundreds to thousands of individuals will compete for this single job vacancy. One will go home with tears of joy, while the rest will go home with tears of sadness and regret that they did not make it to the position. That is the reality in the world of unemployment that each of us should realize at the first place.

While this "rat race" is going on, there are other companies that take off employees due to "streamlining of their business operations" and effectively serve the interest of their immediate clients. There are also employees who found themselves unhappy with their present employment situation, resigns, and try to find other jobs that will suit their specific needs. Unfortunately, these individuals are now among the millions of Americans who are currently unemployed.

On the other hand, there are individuals who are just determined to earn not just enough but to strike it rich, and take the risk of starting a small home based business. They get out of the pressure of working on a stressful environment and enjoy the flexibility of their working hours. Although there are home base entrepreneurs who failed in their business venture, most individuals who started a small home base business continue their struggle, and luckily, generating substantial income before they realize that they do not need a regular job in the office to work with.

How good is it to start a small home base business opportunity? According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are several benefits of starting a small home base business.

You will be your own boss, thus you have the power and the freedom to employ strategies that you think will work for the advantage of your own business.

The hard work and long hours that you have invested on your small home base business will benefit you directly instead of exerting your efforts for the good of someone else's business.

Your earning as well as your growth potential is greater.

Although it comes with several risks to your investment, your new home base venture will lead to endless challenges and learning opportunities.

The world of self-investment became more popular with the integration of technology, particularly the information superhighway or the Internet. As a matter of fact, a small home base Internet marketing opportunity is increasing at a fantastic rate as the employment trend drastically changed and as more individuals realized the opportunity is within their reach. Earning through the Internet is considered to be a legitimate way of generating sales and expanding the clientele base of a certain business venture. Subsequently, the continuous growth of the Internet as well as the business opportunity that comes with it offered an alternative to individuals who found themselves in between unemployment and poverty.

Small home base Internet marketing business opened new doors of opportunity for individuals who thought that staring a home business is almost impossible without huge starting capital. In fact, operating an Internet marketing business gives anyone the opportunity of working anytime and anywhere as long as there is the presence of the Internet in a given geographical location.

There is a wide array of Internet marketing business opportunity that you can adopt for your small home base business venture. Affiliate businesses, online advertising opportunities, and other ventures name it, the Internet got it. Such online business opportunities require specific knowledge, skills, and expertise. Thus, you will be able to determine whether an Internet marketing opportunity will work for you or not.

Whether you want to start either a part-time or a full-time home base Internet marketing business, it will start to instill the true feelings of freedom as you work within your own schedule, work whenever you are, and become the boss. Through this new business opportunity, you can get out from the world that once given you headaches and burden the world of unemployment.
Try it you might like it.................................Ricky

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Selling Wholesale Lists On E-Bay

Selling wholesale lists on eBay has proved to be very profitable for me in my eBay selling efforts. I specialise in identifying niches and creating wholesale lists to suit the needs of these niches. It's simple to create wholesale lists once you know how to do it.

Firstly, you need to join a wholesaler's directory. Once you have joined, decide on a topic to base your wholesale list. For example, DVD's or clothes or candles etc. Once you have decided, compile all the wholesale sources from the wholesale directory you joined related to the category you chose into a Microsoft Word document.

To find additional wholesalers you could do Google searches, compile website links from other wholesale lists and read reviews on related forums.

Let's say for your wholesale list subject you chose DVD's. Many sellers would be inclined to list their item with the auction title "The Ultimate DVD Wholesale List 2006". But that method doesn't work. Very few people search for the keyword, DVD, and even if that keyword was searched regularly, you would still be up against HUGE competition. You need to focus your marketing!

Choose a high profile newly released movie and include that in your auction title. For example, "The Da Vinci Code at Wholesale Prices" Many buyers will be looking to buy that product and would be desperate to find a way to save money somewhere along the lines. You could also put the auction title "The Da Vinci Code - 80% Off" but only if you have numerical data to prove it.

Constantly change the auction title to keep up with the new movies and use the eBay pulse to determine which movies are searched for the most. You can also use internet keyword research tools to determine the hottest movies out at that time.

Always feature your wholesale list auction for maximum exposure and play around with different auction titles. Featuring your wholesale list means you can get your auction listed in the search engines and you will attract a lot more traffic that way.

Once you have one wholesale list ready for sale, you can move onto creating another one. Link all of your wholesale lists together so if a customer buys your DVD wholesale list, they also have the option to buy your designer clothes wholesale list and after buying your designer clothes wholesale list they have the option to buy your candle wholesale list.
Hope that helps.........................................Ricky

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Are Broadband Phones ?

Phones that use Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, are generally referred to as broadband phones. The major function of such phones is converting analog voice data into digital data so it can be transmitted over the Internet. The phones link to high-speed Internet connections via computers that enable voice communications. Broadband phones have transformed the Internet into a technology that can provide telephone calls for free by avoiding traditional phone service providers.

VoIP phone technology has the capability of changing the way people talk to one another around the world. VoIP service providers are growing by leaps and bounds, and major phone firms are establishing a presence in markets worldwide by offering calling plans that have bundled VoIP broadband phones with their other services. The Federal Communications Commission and other regulators around the world have started to investigate the new technology and study the impact and future risks associated with it.

The VoIP phone looks just like a traditional phone. While a regular phone connects to the wall socket with an RJ-11 connector, a broadband phone connects to a computer or router using an RJ-45 connector. All broadband phones come with software pre-loaded to handle IP calls. In a recent innovation, Wi-Fi VoIP broadband phones have become available. These phones can make calls via any Wi-Fi hotspot. VoIP can also use ATA sets, which are telephone-like boxes that connect to a computer and convert analog voice data to digital signals. VoIP can connect calls made from one computer to another computer as well. This means users only pay for the Internet connection and not for the call itself. VoIP phones are dedicated devices and can be used only for making calls using this technology, however. To get a taste of what is available in a VoIP phone, users can check out the latest version of Yahoo Messenger, which is voice-enabled. It can be used to make computer-to-computer calls, and it is very easy. Another place to check is

Long-distance callers may be making VoIP calls involuntarily using their VoIP phones and paying regular costs. This is because most phone firms around the world want to reduce their bandwidth by routing some calls through circuit switches to an IP gateway.

Experts predict that all the existing phone technology that currently uses circuit-switched networks will be replaced by packet-switching technology. VoIP offers financial and infrastructure efficiencies, costs less, and is more effective. Broadband phones are used by most corporations, and it only a matter of time before they are commonly used in individual households. VoIP phones can be used to call anywhere in the world that has a broadband Internet connection. VoIP firms offer rate plans similar to those of cell phone companies for individuals who want only VoIP broadband phones, usually $30 to $80 per month. Users can take their phones anywhere or use a laptop computer to make PC-to-PC calls.
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Pinging- What is it?

You’re a blogger and are constantly hearing about pinging. The thing is, you don't know what it is and what it can do for your blog. Well that's fine because a lot of bloggers don't quite understand pinging. In this article, I will explain what pinging is, how it helps your blog, and what the best pinging services are. After you've read this article, you'll know exactly how to use pinging to make your blog popular.

What is pinging?

When a blog is pinged, it essentially tells a web blog tracking system that the blog has been updated. Thus, pinging is the process of telling tracking services that a site has been updated.

So how does pinging work?

Well, a ping service scans regularly blogs for updates. Whenever there is a new update for a particular blog, that is reported back to the pinging service’s site. You can almost think of ping services being just like search engine spiders—both scan sites looking for information, and both report that information back to their specific site. The difference is, a ping service only reports back new blog posts.

Why is pinging useful for my blog?

Pinging, in effect, tells people that there is a new blog posting available. Those who are loyal followers of your blog will see the ping and want to visit your blog. Those who haven’t read your blog before will see the ping and perhaps think “hey, there’s a new blog I haven’t been to before, I think I’ll check it out”. Pinging helps to increase your traffic because it tells people when your blog is updated. Those who visit sites with pinging services will see this information in the form of a scroll on the left or right side, or top of the page. The scroll is usually in XML format and typically includes the title and URL of your blog, as well as the date and time of the update.

OK, so now I know what pinging is. Who offers pinging?

The answer is, there are several pinging services available which you can use to have your blog pinged. We’ll go over some of them right now. is probably the most well-known pinging service. monitors sites for updates and then pings whenever there is an update to report. Virtually every blog software is available to use Weblogs. Yahoo’s Another popular pinging service. This one is offered by Yahoo and has a built-in integration with movable type and other tools. One cool thing about this service is that it offers the ability to give out updates via Instant Messenging services like AOL and ICQ. It is a direct pinging service, so those who sign up for subscriptions to your blog will be sent an email anytime your blog is updated. Blogrolling allows its bloggers to manage their blogrolls(updates) through a web-based interface. Recently updated blogs are also highlighted on Blogrolling’s web site. Data is automatically retrieved from other sites like and every 5 minutes. Often times your blog is already being pinged by Blogrolling, so you might not have to sign up for it. Search on the site first for your URL before signing it up. Technorati Available at, Technorati is another service that pings blogs. It gets its data from a variety of places and is definitely a site you should go to for blog pinging. These are just 4 of the many different blog pinging services available. A quick search on Yahoo or Google will reveal many other possible blog pinging services to use for your blog. It is best to sign up for as many as you possibly can to ensure that your blog is well-pinged.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sniping Bargains on E-bay

After you have placed bids on a few things on eBay, the chances are good that, at one point or another, you will be beaten at the last minute by an eBay sniper. While this can be an extremely frustrating experience (and while its a reportable offense on eBay), the administration at eBay rarely acts on the report.

Unfortunately, there is only one way to beat the sniper: you need to become the sniper yourself. The great news, however, is that once you understand sniping, you can use these skills to win auctions at prices far lower than you would otherwise have thought possible.

Manual Sniping

Winning auctions through manual sniping is not very difficult. This is true especially if you have time to spare and a reasonably fast Internet connection. You must begin by writing down when each auction you are bidding on ends, and then make sure you are sitting in front of the computer at the bidding page at the last possible minute. In this position, you will be able to outbid the current winning bidder or defend your own winning bid.

It is important to remember that, for manual sniping, you must set your maximum bid very high. If you do not, you may be automatically outbid and the auction will have ended before you can bid again.

In addition, it is not possible to compete against someone who is using an automated sniping service. If the service is good, it will outbid you nearly every time. In the competitive world of online sniping, you will need to find a sniper of your own.

Automatic Sniping

Begin your search for an automated sniping service by typing the words, ebay sniping into your favorite search engine. You will find multiple online services that will snipe for you for a small fee. These services will often provide you with a free trial period, so it is worth giving it a try.

There is also software available that will do your sniping for you. Such software can be purchased online in programs like iSnipeIt or SnipeRight. The advantage to these programs is that you can pay for them once and use them for as long as you want. After you have installed the software on your computer, you will be able to enter which auctions you want sniped as well as the maximum amount you are willing to pay. The software will then place the bid you requested whenever there are only a few seconds left in the auction. The primary disadvantage of this type of system is that you will need to leave your computer on for much of the time so that you do not miss the end of your auctions.

A Sniping Alternative

If sniping in the ways described above seems too clandestine and unfair, there is another, less technical way to avoid sniping. You can simply email the seller and tell them that you were the victim of a last-minute sniper and really like the item. If the seller has another item to sell, they will often agree to sell it to you for the auction closing price.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How To Make Your Blog Your Website

Thankfully creating your own website is not near as hard as it used to be. Anyone that can type can build a website in a very short time. There have been so many changes for the better.

But the biggest change has to be in starting your own blog. Today many webmasters have what I call blog websites. Their blog is their website.

Blog is short for web log. Blogs started off as a way for people to create an online diary. Bloggers would simply log on, tap out a paragraph or two giving their thoughts on life and the universe (and everything in between); click 'publish' and that was that. Their words were live on the Internet for anyone to see. The big appeal of a blog was that it was interactive: readers were welcome to add a comment on any post, with a link back to their own blog or website.

Gradually, bloggers started to want more. They wanted easy ways to upload photos, and extra pages on the site - just like a real website. They wanted a range of themes, to better express their personality or business.

Programmers everywhere came to the party, particularly with WordPress, a well-known open source. Now, if you want a website/blog, it's possible to:

* Sign up with a web host with CPanel for a low monthly fee

* Install WordPress with just a few clicks of the mouse, using Fantastico on your website's CPanel

* Either use one of the pre-installed themes, or browse the various themes available at WordPress (and on many other sites) to choose one that suits your personality or business

* Upload the theme you want to the wp_content folder, using a simple FTP program (such as WS_FTP or Cute FTP)

* Start posting your articles or comments

* Add extra pages to your site (if you want to)

Now that you can add separate pages to blogs - just as you can with a standard website - many people are turning to them as their preferred way of building a website. By using various plugins, it's possible to do pretty well anything you want.

- What Are Plugins? -

Plugins are extra features available for your blog to make your life easier. You can get plugins, for example, that will:

- help you block spam

- make it easy to upload and sort your photos

- ping the search engines so they know when you've added new content

- insert Adsense blocks so you can earn money from your blog

There are quite a number of plugins available now - take some time to find out what they will do.

- Help With Using Wordpress -

While Wordpress is not the only blog software available, it is an excellent choice because (a) it's free; (b) it's relatively easy to use; (c) it's open-source, and therefore has a lot of people working on it constantly to make it better, and (d) there are quite a few 'how to' sites on the Internet showing you how to make the most of your Wordpress blog.

One of them is Guido Stiehle ("The Jungle Marketer") who offers an excellent free tutorial (with video tutorials) that will show you, step by step, how to set up and use your blog. You can find other providers by simply typing 'how to use Wordpress' into a search engine.

If you will take a little time and do a search for blogs you will see how they are being used in various categories. This will give you some ideas that can help you start your own blog website as well.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RSS - What is it?

If you have your own web site, or if you are a web designer, this article will be of interest to you. Web sites that are updated on a regular basis, such as news sites or content-driven web sites, can pose a problem for the user. It is cumbersome for the user to have to scan through every page of a web site in order to locate any new information that has been posted.

To solve this dilemma, RSS feeds were created. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. They are coded in XML file format. They contain descriptions of or links to any new information that has recently been posted on the web site. These may be links to articles, or links to certain pages of the web site where new content has been published. These feeds can be used for almost any purpose, such as listing recent company announcements for a company web site, or providing the scores for professional sporting events from the night before (RSS is used on a lot of sport-themed websites in this manner).

It is important to utilize RSS feeds not only to make it easier for the user to find new or updated information, but so that those who connect to the web site with a wireless device will easily be able to navigate through the web site. Web browsers installed on wireless devices are often not compatible with many elements of the HTML programming language. However, all web browsers are compatible with XML, because XML files are simple text files; XML merely defines and lists data, it does not force the browser to display it in a certain way. Thus, RSS Feeds, which are created with XML, can be viewed on any web browser, and can help the user to navigate through the web site, which is sometimes not possible with web sites created only with HTML.

RDF Site Summary was the first version of RSS. It was created by Dan Libby of Netscape in 1999. This version was known as 0.9. Later that same year, Libby combined 0.9 with an XML syndication format created by Dave Winer to create 0.91, which gave birth to the other versions that would follow it, such as 1.0 and 2.0.

One of the advantages of having an RSS feed is that if you have one, you can register it with an aggregator service. Aggregators search through feeds all over the net and display links to content on other sites so that webmasters can select content that is of interest to them and link to it on their website. This is a good way for webmasters to get sites to link to them, which is helpful because link popularity is perhaps the most important factor used to rank web sites on search engines. Also, some search engines will rank sites that have organized RSS feeds higher than sites that do not make use of them.

A feed is extremely simple to create. The syntax is not complicated. There are plenty of online tutorials that can teach you how to create one in only a few minutes. I recommend the World Wide Web Consortium web site (W3C). If you have a web site that contains a lot of content that is updated frequently, using RSS is not an option; it is a necessity.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Niche Blogging- make cash ?

Are you into blogging? If you are not and if you are into online business, you are losing out on a lot of money that can be made. Blogging is not only the latest fad on the internet but also a large booming online business. Everybody seems to be blogging now-a-days, including the young and not the very young.

Blogging has really sky rocketed as an online business, especially because of the fun element in it. Many people now-a-days are making a living out of blogging, yes, just blogging, believe it or not! There is no reason why you should miss out on it. It's easy, it's fun and the best part, it earns money for you without taking too much of your time. Imagine, you can just spend about 30-60 minutes a day making blog entries and use the rest of the time to d what you have always wanted, like pursuing your hobbies, looking after the family or just plain having fun..! It's as easy as ABC, only you have to learn how blogging works and what Niche Blogging is all about.

Blogging Vs Niche Blogging. Blogging is more fun oriented while Niche blogging is where the money is. How it works: All you need to do is a little research and find out what's new and popular these days. Second step is to setup a blog. Third, find some products, as per your research to market on your blog. Now, regularly write at least one blog entry everyday to market your blog, and run to the bank to collect the money. Its sounds very simple and believe me it is.

Although the beginning requires a little work and lot of thought, niche blogging is very simple once you get used to it. The thought process is to finalize what your niche would be. The niche you select should be as unique as possible, not possible, I understand since there are already a few million blogs run by a few million people out there on the internet. The uniqueness can be in selecting the niche or it should become apparent in the information or content you put on your blog, so that you are one up on the competition blogging in the same niche as you are.

The hardest part is your thought process is finding your niche. I can help you to can start off by finding the most popular keywords, use the search engines and search for the keyword+"blog" or "RSS". You can estimate the number of blogs, now try to think and find out if you can make use of these keywords to create your niche blog and compete? If you think you can, you are there, otherwise keep searching until you find a niche for yourself.

Please make sure the niche suits your interests, we really do not want you to lose interest half way, do we? In finding a niche blog that suits your interests, you may come across a million similar blogs. Many of these blogs would have a huge following depending upon the popularity of the niche topic you choose, in which case you can still make the blog unique enough to compete and make money.

The process of setting up the blog is very simple. Most web hosting accounts that are available today come with blogging scripts. These scripts are easy to install and can be done in a few minutes, using the control panel. The domain name you need can be ordered along with the web hosting account. If you think you are not technically competent to do the blog install and tweaking, you can hire a professional to do it for you. Installing a blog is basically a simple process where you need to choose the color schemes and affiliate ads.

The regular work of putting up blog entries is very easy, you are ready to jump on to the niche blogging bandwagon and ride to your bank.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

C-Panel- and why you need it !

For those not familiar with some of the terminology associated with doing business on the internet and with web hosting in particular, the tem “cpanel” may be unknown. When you get a web hosting package from a company it will come with a control panel to enable you to manage and maintain your domains and their respective files, cpanel is one of these control panel options and in the opinion of most professional internet marketers, it is also the one favored.

One of the most important issues when dealing with managing your domains is the ease with which that is accomplished, cpanel fits the bill for this. As a web based administrative control panel, cpanel makes it easier to manage all of your domain names and files associated with them from a central location. Cpanel also gives you access to important features like website statistics
such as web stats, FTP stats, AWstats, latest visitors, bandwidth usage, and even breaks it down to what country the visitors are in and gives you the functionality of FTP to upload and download files to your sites. The web hosting control panel within cpanel was designed with the end user in mind and is probably the most user friendly on the market today.

From your control panel you can manage functions such as account or site creation, domain redirects, and more. Cpanel also gives you the ability to manage your email addresses and gives you autoresponders and mail forwarding to help you with your business and even includes additional features like spam filitering and webmail so that you can check your email from any computer on the planet.

From your cpanel web hosting control panel you can build and edit web pages and manage your Microsoft Frontpage password plus make changes to the Apache handlers and manage options such as search engine submission. You can also set Cron jobs from there which for those unfamiliar with the term, is a way to set up automated tasks to take place at a particular time schedule.

Another great feature that is possible with cpanel is the ability to activate and use the pre-installed CGI scripts such as forums, chats, shopping arts, and website development tools. One of my favorite features with cpanel is Fantastico which allows for one step installation of Content Management Systems such as Mambo, Joomla, and the ever popular Wordpress blogging platform which I use for the majority of my websites. Having cpanel with the Fantastico enabled makes my life a lot easier and helps me to get my work done much more quickly. I am sure you will find cpanel to be the same for you.
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Internet Business for Beginners

So you want to start your own internet business but have no idea where to begin. First let me say that you will be joining hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who are freeing themselves from the tethers of working for others. Home based opportunities are now all over the internet and with the super information highway it is now easier then ever to order anything with the click of a button so why not get in on it.

You don't necessarily have to know a lot about affiliate marketing or online advertising to get started on an internet business. Some of the things you do need to know however are, will you have time to devote to the business, what type of business are you passionate about beginning and are you willing to learn about how to conduct an internet business as you go. The internet is changing every day so keeping up on the new changes is key to a successful internet based business.

One thing a newbie needs to understand from the beginning is how the internet works. A trusted internet website that explains home based internet businesses is a good place to begin. You need someone who will give it to you straight and tell you exactly what you are facing when you begin this adventure. There is nothing worse than getting involved in something that you do not truly understand only to fail later because of something simple that could have been avoided if you had only had the right instruction.

Internet businesses have their base in internet websites so you must also understand how websites are effective and how they are instrumental in your home based internet business. Today's internet with the introduction of web based programs like MySpace and MSNSpace are offering more and more people the opportunity to build and maintain their own website but the truth be told this is only playing on the fringes of what a true website can do for your business. With low cost programs and ready made website templates you can be up and running in no time but none of that will do you any good if you do not have a proper understanding of what an internet business is and how it works, again you will need a guide.

Days not so long ago businesses trusted word of mouth and local advertising to get the word out on their business and even the most successful business reached only in a small radius around his storefront. Those days are over and now the small business owner in Turlock California can be seen and heard in every country in the world. There are guys in California who sell almonds to guys in Turkey and never even leave their offices. The internet based business has opened up the entire plant and now you too can walk through that door as never before. Just be sure to do extensive research looking for the best fit for you.

So where do you begin? Once again we stress that it is important to find the right guide. You need a company or individual who knows the ins and outs and isn't afraid to show you. Some internet business set up companies are only interested in furthering themselves, that isn't the story here. We want to see you become successful so that you too can throw your hat into the ring and make the internet business world that much more of a handy place to shop. We know what this step will mean for you as a business owner and the really exciting thing is that you don't have to be an expert, you can learn as you go.

Setting up your own internet business is a great project for retirees, couples and even families. You can be your own boss, get those you love involved and never leave the house all the while making money at what you have a passion for doing. Think of it, you can take control of one part of the internet business while your wife takes care of another and then the two of you can still take the time you want for other things. You control the business, you control the product and you control the money flow. Your world and your destiny is now in your hands.

So step off today and decide what your passion is and go for it. Internet based businesses are the wave of the future. Make your services or product available at the click of a button. Think of the thrill you will get if that guy in Turkey who bought the almonds from the guy in Turlock also wants to purchase something from you, while you sit in your own home, at your own computer doing business through your own portal to the world.
Be careful and go for it.............................Ricky